The corporate world today has become more and more competitive therefore attention to the detail in the services offered by an organization has become paramount thus organizations are moving toward unified solutions, services which can be managed quickly and easily which will give them more time to focus on what they are doing and free them from the management side more than ever before.

SoundWin is tuned to provide its corporate clients the technology they need to provide real time communication services weather its point to point IP telephony or virtual meetings based on cutting edge virtual presence systems and video con solutions in the market. SoundWin not only provide these systems but also expertise and management tools customized for you, with 24/7 support of parts and services for your ever growing needs, putting you in control all the way.

Our innovative approach to services and scalable solutions provide you with unmatched options which are right for you, whether it’s the deployment of corporate scale VoIP infrastructure from scratch or upgardation of existing services to meeting your requirements. SoundWin provides you with the services and support you need which will free you from operational level issues.

We Are

Knowledge Utilizer
Optimistic Approach
Network Integrator
Customize As You Go
Educators of Technology
Develop As Need

Our Aim

To be a “SWITCH” of every organization for their ICT Processes & Needs
Speedy Process
Well Managed Infrastructure
Innovative Educational Techniques
Technological Experience & Expertise
Constructive Thinking & Strategies
Holistic Approach to Commitment

Focused Sectors

Corporate & Financial
Information & Communication Industry
Service Providers
Government Backed organizations
As Service


Infrastructure Solutions
Cloud Computing Solutions
Data Center Solutions
Managed & HLM Solutions
E- Commerce Solutions
Software Solutions
Education Solutions